"Swordfish hotness night, Sherbert in my shout,
A color wheel spins around"

—Empire of the Sun lyrics 



Empire of the Sun makes Electronic Dance Music and has been around since 2007. They hail from Sydney, Australia and are made up of members, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. Their vibe is optimistic and playful, as they often sing about love imagination and discovery. Their shows are vibrant and full of color with dancers in elaborate costumes alongside spectacular light patterns. They tend to represent themselves in a futuristic mythical setting, dressed in regal garb surrounded by exotic animals. Their demographic ranges from ages 16 - 42, but the majority of show attendees are in their 20s.


-Listened to the music, then draft a mind map describing the sound
-Made a free association picture board, while listening to the music
-Researched the band, made a moodboard from the inspiration gathered
-Pulled lyrics from the song that I found interesting


This poster is an homage to Lisa Frank, inspired by the band’s whimsical personality and their song,  Swordfish Hotkiss Night. Their music is very colorful and vibrant, with a pulsating energy similar to that of a Lisa Frank design. They both mix imagination with surrealism in a joyous composition that is highly decorative.